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Meet Edison.

He's backed by our 30% promise.

What is Edison?

Edison is a fully automated Bitcoin market making trading bot built by Rosslyn Technology, a USA-based FinTech company that builds software for large financial institutions. 

How does Edison earn profit?

Edison provides market liquidity to the world's largest Bitcoin asset exchange by placing orders on both the bid and ask side of the order book.  Profit is then achieved in two ways: (1) collecting the maker fees paid by traders and (2) holding open positions until they close in profit.

How much profit will I earn?

Edison is expected to earn an average of 0.1% per day, which results in an average profit of 3% per month.  Every trade cycle is recompounded before the next iteration, so it is likely that you will experience more than this amount of profit per month.  Remember: with compound interest, the longer you invest, the greater your ROI will be.  And the best part: we guarantee 2.5% profit per month.

How do I use Edison?

Step 1 - Determine your subscription preference:  do you want to keep custody of your coins, create your own BitMEX accounts & pay a monthly access fee?  Or is it better for you to join our established accounts & pay a percentage of your profits with no upfront cost?  We offer affordable subscription options for everyone.

Step 2 - Connect your BitMEX accounts: you will create two BitMEX accounts and fund each with a minimum of 0.05 BTC of your own Bitcoin.  You will connect your accounts to Edison using an API key.

Step 3 - Edison trades 24/7: once connected to your accounts, Edison will trade non-stop to earn you 2.5% or more per month in profit.  You can monitor your accounts directly from BitMEX.

Our 30% Profit Guarantee to You

We guarantee that Edison will earn you at least 30% over 12 months of continuous trading.  If you did not earn this amount, our USA-licensed company, Rosslyn Technology LLC will reimburse you the difference within 30 days.

How to Claim Your Reimbursement

Claiming a reimbursement is simple:
(1) Download your BitMEX transaction history
(2) Send a request to our client service team 
(3) Data is audited & reimbursement issued in 30 days


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Earn Around the Clock

The BitMEX market trades every day of the year, 24 hours every day. Don't be bound by your own schedule. Edison will make thousands of trades all year round.

Profit Over Price

Because Edison is a market maker, it profits regardless of Bitcoin's price. Stop worrying if BTC will rise or fall. You will profit no matter what happens to the price.

No Emotions = Profit

Take the emotion out of your trading, which is the number one reason 99% of traders lose capital over time. Edison is all about the numbers: nothing else matters.

Stay in Control

You control Edison's connection to your account and can deactivate the program any time. Only you can make withdrawals & deposits. Edison works for you.

Edison Basic

Our most affordable subscription
$ 5 /mo.
Own your BitMEX accounts & keep
custody of your BTC
  • Trading on 2 BitMEX accounts
  • 40 BTC max balance
  • 24/7 Uptime Guarantee
  • Includes Our 30% Promise

Edison Basic + Reports

A complete solution for everyone
$ 10 /mo.
Includes trading + an easy to
understand monthly audit report

Edison Managed

No out of pocket cost
25% of profit earned
User trades with the Edison Fund
(for USA & geo-restricted clients)
  • Join our USA-based licensed fund
  • Unlimited BTC balance
  • Online account access & monthly statements
  • Easy 2FA deposits & withdrawals
  • No KYC or personal ID required

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not. Edison will work 24/7 from our system, interfaced with BitMEX, which also is operational 24/7.

When you create your BitMEX API key, you will not choose to give the key permission to create withdrawals. All the key is allowed to do is to place and cancel orders.

Yes, you can make a deposit any time.  Edison will include the additional funds on the next trade cycle.  You may withdraw up to 25% of your account balance while Edison is active.  If you wish to withdraw more than this amount, send an e-mail to  We will pause Edison's trading until your withdrawal is complete & you instruct us to resume.

Yes, at any time. E-mail to request the change.

Yes, you may purchase & operate as many subscriptions as you would like.  Each requires 2 BitMEX accounts that is unused by another subscription.

Yes, an Edison trade sequence will operate at a net loss until it closes at the last minute in profit. If you close your trade early, you will suffer a loss.

We accept Bitcoin payments only.

Yes, we will refund any portion of your unused monthly subscription fee.

Edison is calibrated to ensure that he will not lose a single trade. During the course of trading your margin coverage may be drawn down as much as 50%. Do not worry. These are extreme cases, which have been carefully planned for. Edison will continue to manage the trade until it exits in profit.  You will not be exposed to sufficient enough risk to liquidate your account.  The worst case scenario is a lengthy trade sequence that may last several weeks.

Edison uses dollar cost averaging to systematically manage risk based on volume and negative price action. In other words, Edison does not trade with respect to the direction of the price of Bitcoin. Instead, it harnesses the market’s volume and volatility to build a winning trade position.

The Edison free trial period is 30 days in length.  At the end of the trial period Edison will stop trading and you can keep the profit. You can purchase a subscription during your trial period to ensure Edison continues to trade. You do not need to enter any type of payment information to begin the free trial.

For an additional fee per month, our staff of professional accountants will audit the performance of your BitMEX accounts & will provide a comprehensive and easy-to-read report.  To see an example of this report, click here.

Unlike autoview-based trading bots (which are sold as professional-grade systems), Edison Bot is built on its own front-running API connection with priority status given to it by BitMEX as a licensed market maker.  Furthermore, Edison does not "shoot" orders to BitMEX to be queued, which is the source of other trading bot errors. Rather, it communicates a complete order book, always calculated in real time and never duplicated due to a 503 issue.  In other words, no, Edison does not make mistakes. It was, afterall, built by actual FinTech engineers from Rosslyn Technology LLC.

Edison Basic subscribers must create two BitMEX accounts and fund each with at least 0.05 BTC.  Edison Managed customers do not need to create a BitMEX account.
Edison Basic subscribers keep custody of their own Bitcoin (which are deposited to BitMEX).  Edison Managed subscribers will deposit their Bitcoin in a professionally-managed account.
Edison only provides liquidity service to BitMEX at this time.

Yes, in every jurisdiction. Algorithmic trading is used on even the New York Stock Exchange.  We are a licensed USA Limited Liability Corporation under the Wyoming state jurisdiction.

Contact us 24/7 at:

Edison operates on our in-house system with 100% uptime. Your internet connection has no effect on Edison or its performance.

Edison operates as the largest private market maker on the BitMEX perpetual Bitcoin/USD futures market ($2.5B in daily volume). A market maker provides market order liquidity by buying and selling on both sides of the order book 24 hours per day, every day. When a trader wants to execute an order at market price, he or she needs a counter-party to buy/sell the contract. A market maker accumulates and sells contracts to facilitate this process and closes a trade sequence only in profit. A market maker is exposed to price action risk if making a market in only one direction. For example, in a falling market, a market maker will accumulate a position of increasing size as the price drops. The maker must carry this liability until able to sell the contracts to liquidity seekers at a higher price. To counteract price action risk, a sophisticated market maker will provide liquidity to the market on both sides of the book. This creates the opportunity to hold an active position until the price has retraced a sufficient amount to exit in profit. To ensure safe and comfortable risk margins, Edison uses a complex analysis array of current and historical market volumes, price action, volatility and exchange margin risk derived from a data flow from the top 10 global BTC markets (by volume). This data is then integrated into a collaborative hedge strategy that is placed across multiple accounts in order to collectively maintain price action risk to be less than 0.05% per 1.000% of indexed volume. In layman’s terms: Edison can withstand any price swing and manage each trade to a profitable exit.

A ponzi scheme, by definition, is an entity that accepts funds from clients and uses them to pay profits to other clients, giving the appearance that their company is profitable and/or successful. Edison only charges a subscription access charge: your investment funds are kept safely in your own account that you control. And similarly, your profits are delivered from trading activity, not from our company. We couldn’t possibly be a ponzi scheme if we are not responsible for cash in/cash out transactions.

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